Social Media Marketing

How do I use Social Media to communicate with my customers?

Before you find the answer to that, what you should really be asking yourself is...

"How do I find my customers online and what are the best methods of communicating with them?"

Here is a clue:

  • Facebook has 1 billion active users. That is 1 in 7 people in the world!
  • Twitter has 236 million active users
  • LinkedIn has 296 million active users
  • Instagram has 200 million active users

Do you think your customers use some form of social media every day? Based on those numbers i sure do.

There is no escaping it- You need to be present where your customers are and you need to interact with them and reinforce your brand using exceptional content.

If used correctly, Social Media is currently the No.1 provider of new business opportunities in the global marketplace. 

It has provides brands with the ability to deliver a message to thousands or millions of consumers instantaneously.  

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the big game changer for the digital marketing world. 

For this reason, social media marketing should be considered to be a gift and a curse- If your business is not delivering carefully thought out and consistent communication with the world, you could land yourself in very hot water. I won’t mention the countless faux pas that hundreds of brands have made whilst undermining the power of social media.

Think of your online marketing strategy as a puzzle. In order to complete the puzzle, each piece is as important as the next. Social Media is now one of the most important pieces.

The Revolution Solution 

Social Media Marketing excels in lead generation and directing targeted traffic to your website, but unfortunately most companies struggle with attributing direct sales to social media activity.

With the correct marketing automation systems in place, we can create a lead funnel system which will allow you to understand how to attribute sales to different social media channels.   


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