Return On Investment

How can we ensure you get a return on your investment?

The old adage goes “There are only two things in life that are certain; Death and Taxes”.

Return in investment has always been key to any marketing activity- measuring the outcomes and how it has impacted your businesses income. Think about the traditional forms of advertising; full page magazine adverts, billboards, radio adverts etc. How certain are you that you can accurately measure the ROI in these forms of media? How certain are you that people were able to actually mentally engage with the ad? How well promoted was your brand? Did the advert succeed in delivering your companies ethos 99 times out of 100? How certain are you that people actually made a buying decision based on that ad?

Today with the inception of digital marketing and the ability to analyse multiple touch points of data, those questions no longer exist.

ROI Page- Monkeys

The Revolution Solution 

We provide our clients with detailed information on their campaigns return on investment and every penny is accounted for.

As a certified Google Partner we analyse the data using various tools and make the appropriate modifications and updates to your campaign to ensure that your businesses goals are being met within an agreed upon time frame.

Whether we are providing you with Content writing, SEO or Social media marketing each service has its own individual analytical report which we can present to you in written or video format.   

Historically marketing has been an expensive necessary evil for businesses. Hiring a professional to run your marketing efforts comes with significant costs and then trusting that person to manage a budget and ensuring that not a penny has been misspent or misplaced.

At Revolution Content Marketing everything is transparent and with over a decade’s worth of experience in the digital marketing and sales industry our work and professionalism is a light house in the mysterious and murky seas of content marketing.



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