CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

Are Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation platforms important to my marketing strategy? 

As a managing director, CEO or head of marketing have you ever asked yourself:

“What is the best way of managing my businesses inbound and outbound leads?”

“How can I monitor and track every client touch point made on my online platforms ?”

Customer Relationship Management systems and Marketing Automation platforms are absolutely vital for any business focused growth and building online assets.

Whether you are focused on an outbound or inbound strategy (or both) these software platforms can achieve various goals, including driving sales growth, strengthening business relationships and teaching you how to better understand your customer and retaining them.

Businesses which prioritize consistent growth will not be able to function efficiently without one. 

customer relationship intergration

Embedding a good CRM system into your business will allow you to monitor, track and trace all internal and external communication (Clients, suppliers, etc.) whilst increasing the productivity of your employees.

Unfortunately today it is not as easy as picking a software and merging your data. With so much variety in the choice of software available and some programs focus on niche industries such as accountancy and law, it can become extremely confusing which is the right system for you.

The Revolution Solution 

Here at Revolution Content Marketing we specialise in researching the best CRM systems available on the market for your industry. We then integrate it into your business quickly and cost effectively.

If you have an old CRM system or one that does not fulfill the functions that a more modern version can, then let us help you merge your data in a painless and efficient way.

We provide the following services:

  • A consultation discussing your business and investigating whether it can be enhanced using a CRM system or Marketing Automation system
  • We provide you a list of the best platforms available on the market based on your businesses requirements.
  • Consult with you on a detailed work flow for your business
  • Integrate all of your business data into the new system whether it be from an existing system or spreadsheets. You will not have to lift a finger.
  • Provide you with 2 days comprehensive training on using the new system and how to get the best from it. 
  • Provide you with full aftercare service and management service.

If you require us to manage and maintain the CRM platform on an ongoing basis then we can also provide that service at a low cost monthly option, including unlimited updates as and when you send them.


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