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What is Content Marketing? 

Everyone loves simplicity, right? Content Marketing is the latest buzz word and we humans with our big ol' brains have the tendency to over complicate what becomes popular.

We write hundreds of books on it, make videos about it and even wear tee-shirts with slogans related to the subject!

So here it is in its most down to earth and organic form (insert drumroll)...

"Content marketing is solving the same customer problems as your product or service, but through media which you create and distribute."

(Props to Jay Acuzo for this little gem)

Although Content Marketing and Digital Marketing are very often not mutually exclusive terms, they do have significant overlapping features or concepts which can confuse the average person with an online business presence.  

The general premise is that the key stage of a customers buying journey starts with the "Search" for information. This search then gives the potential customer a number of options; based on how those options are presented and the quality of the content provided by the vendors, influences the customers buying decision.

When you start with well presented and exceptional quality content it will end with some form of customer touch point and hopefully higher sales conversions. 

In theory this sounds incredibly straight forward, but in order to truly create a successful content strategy you need to test, research and analyse your wins and losses consistently and methodically.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is the speed with which the digital marketing world moves. Where businesses often get it wrong, is that a successful strategy which has created big wins one year can become redundant the following year. 

For business owners and directors to continually run an efficiently business; manage their staff, finances, business processes and stay on top of the latest digital marketing trend in an ever changing and uncertain industry, becomes nearly impossible.

Fortunately, a few things are for certain...

  • Over 90% of daily searches conducted across the world online are done using Google. This equates to more than 100 billion searches per month!
  • 1 in 7 people in the world have and actively use their Facebook account- That’s over 1 billion people.
  • $121 billion is projected to be spent on Online Advertising in 2015: this is a steady 5.5% increase on 2014. This spend has increased every year for the past decade.
  • 73% of B2B decision makers are more likely to buy from a company which they know, like, trust and creates original content

Putting this all into context, online marketing and advertising is growing year on year and Google are the dominant company in this space.

Whether people are searching for information, videos or images, Google pretty much set the rules when it comes to engaging with your customers online.

In their updated guide “Steps to a Google-friendly site” they state the importance of content to people who search for business online: 

“Give visitors the information they’re looking for. Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage.”

This is why in the world of digital marketing, content is king.

High-quality content marketing is about delivering the right message to your customers at the right time.

Whether you are selling a service or a product, if you help people find the right solution to their problem, your brand will automatically be ahead of the competition and you will become a trusted resource to your desired consumers.

How to build a good content campaign

In order to build a content campaign which ensures that your customers know, like and trust you, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • “Who is my archetype customer?”
  •  “What questions do my existing customers or potential customers ask themselves when in the buying process?”
  • "Does my website currently answering every question my customer asks about my industry?"
  • “How can I help educate my customers on my product/service and build enough trust for them to spend money with my business?”

The Revolution Solution 

Revolution Content Marketing are experts in assisting Business 2 Business marketers answer these questions.

Based on this research we can then help you  strategise and implement a content campaign which will ensure that will attract more customers, boost your brands visibility and retain your existing clients.

Our focus is on helping you to build a brand which is Known, Liked and Trusted by your audience. 

When it comes to Strategising and Implementing a serious content plan for your business, we separate the Nissan Sunny's of B2B Marketing from the Lamborghini Aventador's.

Wherever your customers are located in the world, we are here to ensure that you produce content which matters to them. 


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