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3 ways entrepreneurs can start creating content on social media

3 ways entrepreneus can create content on social media

Do you use social media to market your small business? Are you creating content on social media channels which convert’s your followers into customers?  While many small business owners and entrepreneurs pump out the same generic pictures, videos or messages across all platforms, this is fundamentally the wrong approach to creating an effective social media…

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How to find new customers using LinkedIn

How to find new customers using linkedin

“The first question every Entrepreneur must ask is a question of location: Where are my customers?” -Michael Masterson, “Ready, Aim, Fire: Zero To $100 in no time flat”   Do you want to know what’s crazy?  Wingsuit diving!!! I saw this video the other day and it blew my mind!     Although this is definitely NOT on…

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How Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Fear of Failure and Execute in 2017

goal setting in 2017

  Well, its 2017.  Time to make resolutions, turn over new leaves and set new goals… So in that spirit please allow me to share something with you… I’m scared! I am absolutely terrified! Let me explain… Since the beginning of 2016, I have been working quietly behind the scenes, carefully crafting content, researching business…

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