World Class Content marketing Strategies for small businesses

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Who am I?

Successful revolutions are often brought about by an individual or a group of individuals with a consolidated and cohesive strategy.

My name is Kris Trinity, the founder of Revolution Content Marketing, a UK based agency.  

As a former journalist, I began working for the digital divisions within some of Europes largest publishers such as Trinity Mirror and Progressive Digital Media Group.  

I then moved into the world of online marketing and sales, teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses how to harness the power of online marketing for their own businesses. 

Today there are more opportunities than ever to develop a global presence and build an authoritative brand which engages with your target audience across multiple channels.

I founded Revolution Content Marketing for this specific reason...  to teach entrepreneurs how identify their ideal customers online and how to strategically create and distribute content in order to grow their business.

Profitable customer interactions start with communication, or as we say here...   

Start With Content...End With Conversion  

What We Do

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving force which has changed the way that businesses communicate with their customers.    

Unless your business, is in the business of marketing, it is virtually impossible to stay on top of the smallest nuance in technology or to research the latest social media fad where your audience/ are congregating.  

The industry is fast paced and adaptive; simply audiences are fragmented in a way they have never been before.

Our team is equipped with decades of industry-specific digital marketing knowledge.

As the online marketing industry continues to develop, we future-proof our client's businesses in preparation for every change ahead. 

Why We Do It

Revolution Content Marketing is managed by word-centric journalists, creative content planners, authoritative SEO specialists and pedantic designers.

We are driven by our passion of an ever changing and truly global marketplace.  Our experience allows us to easily articulate our ideas and concepts in a simplistic manner so feel free to contact us for a no pressure conversation and tips on how to improve your online marketing.

We are here to serve you with integrity and honesty and to give your business the competitive edge in an extremely crowded marketplace.



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