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Is your business a luxury high street retailer or a back alley market stall? Get the RCM Strategy to staying consistently in front of your customers.

Build a Champions Content Strategy

Creating attractive and engaging B2B content is our thing. Let us help you with this free guide  "The 5 Step Plan to Creating Revolutionary Content" 

The Science of Sales Conversions

Improving sales conversions requires research, testing and analysis. Download our "Conversion Formula's" to increase your sales by up to 20%

Find out how a Content first strategy can grow your customers and revenue today.


Every business creates content to attract and engage customers.  

In fact, so much content is created that almost 90% of it doesn't get found online.

The problem is how do you know which content actually attracts the right customers or drives ROI?  

Entrepreneurs and small business owners do not have the time or luxury to create content which does not deliver consistent value back into the business.  

Working with many small businesses, I struggled for years to solve what I called "The Content Conundrum".  

Surely there had to be a better solution than just pumping out more nondescript images on social media, more blog posts and more videos on youtube?

Then one-day lightning struck...  As I interviewed my client's customer for another stale blog post, I realised that the customer was using completely different terminology to our content... 

But more importantly, they had much larger challenges in their businesses than that which we were covering in our blog posts and videos.  

In effect, we were not speaking the same language OR taking an audience-first approach to content creation. 

Throughout 2014 and 2015 we analysed thousands of pieces of content across several B2B industries and finally figured out what worked! 

We developed a simple strategy that can help ANY business to create compelling content which delights their audience and yields high customer conversions. 

  • Create content which engages your customer and satisfy their unmet needs? No problem!
  • Increase traffic and conversion by up to 20%? Easily done!
  • Make sure my business is present at every stage of the buyer's journey? Absolutely!


Here at Revolution Content Marketing, we understand that building an audience and creating a content strategy can be like trying to put together a 1,000 piece puzzle without the picture.

Whether you manufacture products or offer services, our simple 4 step framework to content success starts with your business taking an audience-first approach.

By downloading this FREE eBook our clients have dominated their respective niches and stood out from their competitors by consistently solving their target audiences problems or fulfilling their desires.

“Revolution Content Marketing Presents: The 3WH Model”

Download this today and you will learn how to answer the following critical questions:

  • Where do my customers congregate online and how do I start to engage with them? 
  • How can I fulfil my customer's desires and present a valuable solution to their problems consistently? 
  • Is it possible to increase my online conversions by up to 20% year on year?

Our clients love us and here is why...

kam-j-profile"RCM helped us to understand our data and better manage our email & lead funnel system. This has helped increase our sales conversion from the leads generated during each campaign"

- Kam Jannati, Global Head of Data Analytics

CT-profile"Our news website struggled with SEO for a long time. The RCM Pro Annual Plan implement strategies which helped our content developers improved our search engine results and build an audience"  

- Chris Davis, Director of FastNewsRelease

ty-profile2"I wanted to increase my subscriber base and improve my website rankings for coaching in London, UK. RCM created an amazing content strategy which has grown my business substantially"

- Tyrone Brennand, Director of Be The Fittest 

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